Teaching Info

Allison teaches private voice, piano, and composition lessons to students ranging in age from 6 to 72. She is equally comfortable working with beginners as she is with seasoned professionals. Allison has over 20 years of private teaching experience and taught additionally in a classroom setting at NYU for the past 9 years. Her focus has recently returned to private teaching, which she loves getting to know each of her students and developing courses of learning unique to each of them. Allison has taught Masterclasses in Audition Technique for singers as well as performance workshops in Rock & Pop and more. She has lectured internationally on “Telling Your Story in Music” to aspiring composers, singers and musicians.

Allison teaches in Toronto, New York City and virtually. Allison’s studio is currently open and accepting new students! Please contact her here for more info on private lessons with Allison.


SINGERS! I look forward to meeting you and working with you from wherever you currently are – with all the abilities, habits and fears we each bring to the table. Your uniqueness is what makes your voice special! I like to work in a holistic way with the voice, treating your entire body as an instrument, integrating breath work to strengthen vocal technique. I work with students, professionals, those currently in the audition circuit or those simply looking to explore their vocal potential. I like to create a safe and comfortable environment where my students can truly let their guards down and feel free to express and explore.

PIANISTS! I simply love teaching others to play what I consider to be the most exceptional, versatile, expressive and powerful instrument. My own piano teacher (who I studied with for 17 years!) had such a profound and positive influence on me. I love working with young people who are just discovering music, but I also love working with adult beginners or those who are returning to the instrument. I tailor a curriculum and repertoire to your needs and interests. All styles are fair game! Theory and sight-reading can develop alongside great expression and exploration. All levels welcome.

“I am so thankful to have found Allison as a teacher. It’s important to know that she works both from the technical and performance aspects of music; in fact, she doesn’t believe in the divide. In the past year, Allison has helped me learn more about the capability of my voice than any other teacher in the past decade of my training. What makes her truly special, though, is that Allison creates an environment in which she is both a teacher and a collaborator. I came to her to strengthen my voice but together we also created; that’s what happens when you go to an artist instead of just an instructor.” – Jennifer Waxman (Singer/Playwright)