23 New Piano Solos Digitally Published!

Piano Solos cover (1)


I am thrilled to announce that 23 of my recently composed PIANO SOLOS are now published and available for digital download via www.sheetmusic.com!

This means that you can purchase a piece and print the sheet music directly from your computer after buying it. It’s so easy, and wonderful.


I was inspired to take many of my favorite musical themes, originally written as film or theatrical orchestral/chamber scores, and arrange them as piano solos. There are pieces written for every experience level – from beginner to advanced, and written in styles from classical to jazz and ragtime. It is my hope that pianists of all ages will now have access to and enjoy playing these pieces. I am so excited about it!

Here is the direct link to my Publisher’s Page on Sheetmusic.com. Please check it out!