J. Hunter, Albany Jazz -

“Leyton-Brown’s physical stance at the keyboard comes closer to Joe Strummer than Dr. John, but she’s got skills that would make Mac Rebennack grin that trademark grin. Allison injected some old school stride into “Don’t Think Twice,” and her vocals on classics like “Big Chief” and “Mardi Gras in New Orleans” were right on point. But it’s the little differences she brings that make her Outer Borough’s not-so secret weapon, like the Fender Rhodes sound she brought to the funky original “BQEeze,” or the sizzling Clavinet vibe she conjured up toward the end of the second set that was straight out of Billy Preston’s “Outa Space.” Maybe the traditionalists might freak, but it’s a Brooklyn thing! They wouldn’t understand!”

Joan Widdifield, award-winning Director-Producer Rainy Season -

“Allison Leyton-Brown did a brilliant job as composer and musician on our film, Rainy Season. As a documentary filmmaker, I explained the sound and tone I wanted to achieve with the score. In the end, Allison came up with something far more beautiful than I could have imagined. She is a seasoned professional: receptive, efficient, organized and resourceful. It was such a pleasure to work with her because she is a sensitive listener. We always get compliments on the score, which I’m certain has contributed to the film’s success. As many times as I’ve watched Rainy Season at festivals or other screenings, the score never fails to move me.”

Ellen Hemphill, Artistic Director Archipelago Theatre -

“Allison’s musical genius and intuitive interpretation of the theme and text for music theater is unsurpassed, and she is an integral part of our creative process in creating original productions: an essential collaborative partner in our process work.