aLB Vocal Workout – Album Release!

Friends, students and colleagues,

I’m excited to tell you about the release of my brand new album aLb VOCAL WORKOUT! This is an instructional album of vocal exercises I created over the past couple of years, based on the needs of my voice students and singer friends in the field. It is now officially available on iTunes, Amazon, and various other online music stores. If you are a singer, musician, or know of anyone who would benefit from a collection like this, please spread the word.

iTunes Purchase Link:

*To my Canadian friends: this link is for a US site – it is also available on iTunes and Amazon Canada 🙂

Here’s a little description of the album:

aLb VOCAL WORKOUT consists of 40 tracks, grouped in sections to work specific vocal techniques or areas (such as lip trills, power/projection, articulation/diction, etc.) Each track begins with a short explanation and sung demonstration from me. The idea is that you can mix and match tracks depending on your needs on a given day. The album gives you the power to craft and design your own warm-up or workout session based on your specific needs. If you select an exercise from each grouping, you will have an extremely thorough warm-up. Use fewer exercises when you have less time, etc. The choice is yours.

* * * *

I’m really excited about this because I really think it will serve a need. Every one of my students has recorded our exercises and warm-ups so they can work with them on their own time or in preparation of auditions and performances. aLb Vocal Workout will give you the chance to have 40 useful voice exercises at your disposal for whenever the need arises. Please consider buying a copy and spreading the word to any singers or musical friends in your life. I hope the word will spread and I’d love to see this reach as many people as it can help.