I’m honored to have written a brand new theme for The New Yorker’s relaunch of its “Political Scene” podcast!

The “New Yorker Radio Hour,” the podcast and syndicated public radio series, is spinning out its “Political Scene” feature into a full-fledged podcast. The magazine is working with WNYC Studios to relaunch the “Political Scene” podcast. It will be released three times a week and will have its first dedicated host with Senior Editor Tyler Foggatt taking on the role.

“One of my favorite things about working at the magazine, specifically as an editor, which is what I do most of the time when I’m not hosting this podcast, is being able to have frank conversations with writers about their pieces. I get to hear them talk about the things that they’ve been experiencing when they’re reporting on the ground,” Foggatt said. In a preview of the new series, she said she plans to bring those newsroom conversations to listeners on the podcast. “Being able to let listeners sort of get a taste of that. Hopefully, it’ll enable them to sort of understand the weird stuff that’s going on in our politics today,” Foggatt said.

Under the new three-times-a-week schedule, the Monday episode of “Political Scene” will feature a segment from the previous weekend’s “New Yorker Radio Hour” episode. The Wednesday episode will be hosted by Foggatt that will go deep on a political story featuring the magazine’s writers and outside experts. And the new Friday episode will be a roundtable with New Yorker writers Susan B. Glasser, Jane Mayer, and Evan Osnos who will discuss the latest developments in Washington and beyond.